Sharecare Windows (Android)

Sharecare Windows offers an escape to immersive environments that inspire, engage and relax. Explore the world in amazing 3D detail or select from our exclusive library of HD videos. Our award-winning collection of visually-stunning content allows you a look at the world from the comfort of your home - from a pristine view of the Bamboo Forest Bridge and Waterfalls in Maui, to a "Forest Bathing" experience known as Shinrin Yoku.
Explore our exclusive selection of immersive experiences showcasing stunning scenery and locations
Relieve Stress:
Join us in guided meditations to soothe the mind
Reduce Noise:
Experience the 3D sights and sounds of a peaceful place Sharecare Windows is a globally recognized producer of original HD and 360 relaxation and wellness video--empowering viewers to find stillness and peace. Videos are accompanied by naturally occurring sounds of the environment, resulting in a spectacular experience that allows the user to escape from their everyday life.


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