Tema: La aventura de terror Mindtaker se muestra en un nuevo tráiler

Nuevo tráiler con gameplay de la aventura de terror, exploración y resolución de puzles que prepara Relevo para PSVR, Rift y Vive.

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  • SuperjointVr

    3 Feb 2014 18:25

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    SuperjointVr » 4 OCT 2017  19:31
    PUES tiene muy buena pinta si señor
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  • cercata

    5 Dic 2016 09:41

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    cercata » 18 JUL 2019  13:26
    Me ha dado por mirar su web y parece que tienen el proyecto congelado mienstras buscan fondos.
    Eso sí, el juego ahora tambien sale para PC si los encuentran:

    "The project currently is suffering a long delay, although it is not a canceled project.

    This project started as a cooperation between two companies, Virtualware and us, Relevo, aiming to create an innovative game for PlayStation platforms using the vast experience on 3D technology and VR from one of the parties and game desing and storytelling from the other. The fact is that the project demands a volume of development on the technical side that's far higher than expected, and that forces us to search for external investment in order to finish the product.

    In case that us both companies find the needed resources to finish the product, we will keep you up to date on future milestones of the project! Thank you for your continuous support!"

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