Tunescape (PC)

Are you ready to experience music in a whole new way? Create incredible spaces by placing and manipulating objects. Animate those objects to sync up with your favorite song, then share it with the Oasis/Metaverse/..wait, what are we calling this? Let's just go with "the world". Share it with the world!

Using an inventory of basic objects, you're free to create whatever comes to mind. A set of scenes to play out in time with a particular song. Mock up an idea you've had floating in your head. Something a bit more abstract. At any point during your building, you can animate the objects that you've placed.

Once out of Early Access, you'll be able to share and download Tunescapes from all kinds of other creative people. Kick back and enjoy unique worlds brought to life around you.

Music is everywhere in our lives. It's a universal language. Experience your favorite tracks in an entirely new way, or discover new music by exploring what other people are creating Tunescapes for.


Tunescape LLC


Tunescape LLC



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