Outbreak in Space VR (PC)

Influenced from classic old arcade games, Outbreak in Space VR is a game, which we could not experience in the past but dreamed of coming to reality one day.

Simple, solid, old school, 3D, challenging, intense gameplay.

Outbreak in Space VR requires you to move around, be fast, and have reflexes. It's not only fun, but also is a good exercise.

Challenge yourself for high scores and be placed in the leaderboards!

3 different style of maps:

2D flat board style levels
3D one way facing levels
3D 360° levels

Use your shield to reflect the ball and try to break all the bricks. Bricks usually drop bonuses to make the game easier or harder for you, just don't pickup suicide!
Different bricks and bonuses give you different points. Your points will also drop every second, so try to be quick! Your point will automatically be sent to the leaderboards, so you can check how you did compared to all other players around the world.
3D Levels are very challenging but if you want a more laid back option, 2D flat levels are still a lot of fun to play because of how you use your shield in the 3rd dimension.

Occasional updates with new levels after release!


Smaller Ball - Bigger Ball - Slower Ball - Faster Ball

Exploding Ball - Ghost Ball - Split Ball to 2 - Split Ball to 8

Bigger Shield - Smaller Shield - Laser - Show Invisible Blocks

Extra Life - Suicide

Ourbreak in Space VR is powered by Unreal Engine 4.


Black Poodle Entertainment



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Marzo 30, 2018

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