Masters of the Sun (Android)

Masters of the Sun
Masters of the Sun
**2018 Sundance Film Festival New Frontier Competitor**

“Black Eyed Peas Presents: Masters Of The Sun - The Virtual Reality Experience” takes the acclaimed graphic novel released through Marvel to unprecedented heights. Step into 1980s Los Angeles as a ragtag crew discovers the truth behind a zombie outbreak with the help of an ancient mystic.

Stan Lee, Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, KRS-One, Rakim, Jason Isaacs and Slick Rick round out the A-list cast. Black Eyed Peas frontman and Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer co-produce an original cinematic score which is sure to keep users on the edge of their seats as users explore an immersive 360° world.

Enjoy the first four episodes of “Masters Of The Sun” for free with additional bundles retailing for $0.99.








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