Steve's Pub - Soda on tap (PC)

It's all about service!
Steve's Pub is a bartender simulator game for virtual reality with not too realistic physics and a lot of fun!

Enjoy serving your guests with different drinks and earn a lot of money. Buy extra music and attractions to have more guests and even more extra tip! Become a famous bartender and work in different locations like bars, pubs and brewery festivals.

Hire different attractions to distract your guest before they leave because of serving other guest. Win some extra money in your break when playing mini games! Also unlock extra items for your pub.

We bring you an old arcade game to VR!

Funny and slapstick gameplay
Different locations
Practice mode
Unlockable items and music
Easy and Hardcore mode
colorblind and left-hand mode
This game contains highly non-alcoholic soda drinks and funny gameplay which both can be very addictive!

FAQs and further information is coming in the next days. Please help us to improve Steve's Pub in the future! Any suggestions are welcome!


Acción Casual indie







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Julio 1, 2018

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