The Afterwoods (PC)

We're a small indie studio that's been working day and night to achieve a big dream: deliver an engaging Virtual Reality RPG oozing with atmosphere, free movement, and exciting battles. So, a long time ago in a place far away...

A young mage receives a mysterious weapon through an unlikely conjuration when demons invade. The bad news is that no one know how it works. With no time to waste, the mage embarks on a perilous journey to uncover its secrets, find long forgotten magic, and use great powers to save the realm.

The Afterwoods takes place between a creepy, ever-changing forest and a mysterious castle. As the mage gains experience, skilled combat and smart decisions earn him a place among the legends.

The game features kinetic attacks and momentum based movements that are easy to learn, but take practice to master. Good timing, solid kinetics, and creative thinking rule the day.


Collect long forgotten spells
Wield double-handed attack combinations
Solve twisted puzzles
Move anywhere with a point-swing locomotion system


Shiny Moss Studios