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Show It 2 Me
Show It 2 Me
Show It 2 Me is an interactive VR music video created using Tilt Brush's audio reactive brushes and featuring Night Club's single, “Show It 2 Me.”

Show It 2 Me first debuted at SXSW’s Virtual Cinema 2017. It features art created by Titmouse president and owner Chris Prynoski and Titmouse creative director Antonio Canobbio using the audio reactive brushes in Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality app.

We'll take you on a trippy visual-ride featuring demonic cars, pulsating brains, and disembodied tongue-mouths. Named after the song by Night Club, an electronic music duo from Los Angeles that features Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks, Show it 2 Me is co-directed by Mark Brooks and Dylan Carter.

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