Battle for the last chicken (PC)

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Diciembre 18, 2017

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As a desperado, you join in a very thrilling death game for a large amount of money. The game has 100 people involved. And the other 99 people are your enemies. This game takes place on a desert island. On this island, you need to show your very tough attitude for victory. By killing all the enemies with all kinds of weapons, the lone survivor will get a delicious chicken and a large amount of money. Yes! All of this is to fight for the world’s last chicken.
Each stage will shift its position. To unlock more powerful weapons, to kill more dangerous enemies, to get more money. Only the real warrior can eat the delicious chicken.


  • Use the PPGUN gun shaped controller to get a better immersive experience.
  • Various real firearms can give you the pleasure of fighting in the battlefield.
  • The resourceful enemies bring you the passion,wisdom and courage to fight.




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