Flat Worlds (PC)

Flat Worlds is a VR space transport game set in our very own Solar System.

Setup transport networks of people and natural resources, guiding the path of human colonisation around the Solar System's planets and moons.

What will we find when there is no more room to grow?Development
Flat Worlds is currently a work in progress and will be released as an Early Access title.

In addition to features, development time during the Early Access period will be spent tweaking prices of resources, capacities of ships, controls, visuals and so on, based on feedback from early access players.Target Features
Eight Planets/Moons - 4 solid planets, and the moons of the remaining gas planets.
40 different ships (5 per planet/moon), each named and stylized according to their home. Different ships carry different resources (or combinations of them) and come in either a Small or Large size.
Multiple resource types, including people, water, energy, minerals, and a 'Research' resource.
Multiple buildings, mainly spaceports, with different numbers of docks and dock sizes (large ships need large docks).
Planet progression system - planets level up, leading to more suppliers, cities and further colonisation.
City progression system - cities grow as they gain more resources, producing more passengers.
Note that the majority of these features will be available with the initial Early Access release.VR Compatibility
The game is currently built for the HTC Vive. There are, however, plans to make it compatible first with the Oculus Rift and then other VR devices.






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