VectorWave (PC)

VectorWave translates the traditional tower defense experience into virtual reality, allowing you the freedom to buy, place, toss, and move towers as you see fit between each wave with almost no need for menus. Each hand serves its own purpose in your efforts to build an impenetrable defense grid against increasingly difficult hordes of malware bent on destroying your mainframe.

Moving from a 2-D top down perspective in traditional TD games to Virtual Reality allows us to expand on this genre like never before. Because split second decisions and positioning matter, VectorWave's simple, yet versatile, movement and scaling system allows you to either stand directly in the action, or watch your carefully laid out plans from afar.

Current Game Features
21 Levels
20 Enemy Types
22 Towers
Unique Player Abilities
Global Leader-boards
Trading Cards
Planned Features
Level Editor
Challenge Mode
Endless Mode
Game currently supports the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift

Demo Details
We included a Demo you could try before you purchase the full product.
We understand that it is important for the consumer to know what they are buying.
The demo is just a small slice of the finished game that we feel represents VectorWave well.
Many more features are included in the full version.
Demo Features
7 Unique Levels
10 Enemy Types
10 Towers
All music tracks heard in this game were provided by the generous Zachary Kemp.
Check out his Work Here:

Physics and Interaction engine provided by the lovely people over at NewtonVR.
Check out them here:


Fizzure Entertainment