Re-bot VR (PC)

Have you ever fought against the waves of angry robots who want to wipe out you? Well, if the answer is no, you have to train yourself.
In Re-bot you will be catapulted into a tiny and unknown planet of the solar system and there will be armed robots, which will only want one thing. Destroy you.
Will you be able to withstand?

Re-bot is a FPS shooter for HTC vive and VR:
4 types of weapon, Laser, Granade Launcher, Shotgun and Sticky Chip
Shield whit Lcd screen whit healt bar and more data
Pulsar bomb, rechargeable with kills
Grab tool, a powerfull tool to hook up enemies and crush them to the ground
Incremental robot waves
Healt and Ammo Recharge system
Online Leaderboards ingame
Amazing physics effects


Acción indie