Remnith (PC)

"Effects and innovative gameplay mechanics that make it stand out from other first-person shooter VR games" - VR Games for

Remnith is a chaotic FPS where enemy units feed off of the energy of every shot that isn't lodged directly into them. The more you miss the stronger they get. The weakest enemy can turn into something you'd encounter by the end of the game given enough energy.

Every battle is a boss battle where enemies evolve and use different tactics as you progress. Battles take place in over 25 arenas spread across 3 levels with various optional arenas.

You can choose between 5 difficulty levels ranging from 'Tin Can', for those that want a more relaxing experience, to 'Doomsday Device' for those that really want a challenge.

When using motion controllers you have a choice of a few locomotion options such as thumbstick movement and teleportation. The game isn't room-scaled but you do need a 360 setup if you're going to play standing without thumbstick turning.


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