Paradiddle (PC)

Drumming Reimagined For Virtual Reality
Paradiddle lets you explore your percussion skills freely in the exciting new medium of VR. Drag and drop as many drums as you want from your drum palette, and arrange and scale them with ease to set up the drum set that works best for you. Save your drum sets so that you can load up your favorite whenever you come back.Realistic Sound System
Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound real. In Paradiddle, drums give off different sounds based on a variety of factors, with some drums supporting over 100 sounds just based on how hard they were hit.A Platform for Sharing and Learning
Record your songs and share your recordings with others in the Paradiddle community. Play back other people’s recordings and slow them down if you’d like, to get a better idea of how the piece was performed. Paradiddle uses visual cues to show when each drum is about to get hit, while the recording is being played right in front of you. It opens up many possibilities for learning how to drum that simply weren’t possible before.


Emre Tanirgan


Emre Tanirgan



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