Dungeons & Treasure VR (PC)

Feel free to tweet, stream, upload videos and share the game. Please also link to the project and mention that this is an early version. Have fun!

Dungeons & Treasure is a roguelike dungeon crawler created with voxel art for Virtual Reality (VR).
The game will be released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. A playable demo is available. We listen to community feedback and use it to
improve the game. A big thanks to everyone for their input!

You will be able to play through different environment. The environments are procedural generated and will get harder the longer you play. Each environment contains a boss that, upon defeating, will lead to next area. Areas contain handcrafted rooms that create a beautiful atmosphere. You will be able to unlock new items, weapons and companions. Drop-in Multiplayer allows you to quickly join a random game with up to 4 players. Or create a private lobby and invite as many friends as you want!

Drop-in-Multiplayer [in demo] (Join a random lobby create private lobbies. Up to 4 player games or countless in private lobbies.)

Random generated dungeons [first level in demo] (every play through is different. A dungeon is completed if the boss is defeated.
The next dungeon will have a completely new theme and enemies)

Waypoints [in demo] (dungeons are pretty large, so you will be able to teleport to different locations to avoid massive backtracking)

Weapons and shields [1 shield, 1 sword, 1 crossbow in demo] (you will be able to carry weapons and shields, which you can mix as you wish
(e.g. 2 weapons, 1 weapon + 1 shield, 2 shields). Shields will have a defensive skill, either active or passive)

Active item (you will be able to carry an item, which will have an active use skill)

Upgrades [1 damage upgrade in demo] (upgrades for you and your weapons)

Different enemies [2 types of simple enemies in demo] (enemies will drop currency which you can use to buy items from a shopkeeper.
You lose all currency when you die.)

Shops [in demo] (shopkeepers can be found in a playthrough. They will sell you a random assortment of items)

Obstacles [in demo] (in every dungeon there will be obstacles e.g. spike traps, falling boulders, etc.)

Companions (you will find companions, which will follow you and assist you in battle.
There will be multiple companions and will act on their own)

Bosses [in demo] (there will be a unique boss at the end of each dungeon)

Secret rooms [in demo] (secret rooms can be found. Secret rooms will be rewarding)

Currency [fleeting currency in demo] (there will be two types of currency: fleeting currency, which is dropped by all
enemies and can be used to buy items from the shopkeepers for your current playthrough and a persistent currency,
which is used to unlock weapons, items, shields, etc. These unlocked items can then be dropped or found in your next playthrough)

Locomotion [in demo] (there are currently three types of locomotion: trackpad/analog movement and choose a destination,
you will move to that destination while you are still able to act. The classical normal teleportation)


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