2MD VR Football (PC)

Become the virtual quarterback you were born to be!

2MD VR Football is a room-scale two-minute drill VR arcade experience where players take on the role of quarterback tasked with capturing victory in the final minutes of a game. Draw the plays, call the shots, and throw the ball to take down opponents before the clock runs out.


Fully interactive VR motion tracking!
Interactive whiteboard that allows players to draw their own plays!
Unique, themed stadiums with larger than life attractions.
Unlockable trophies that populate your team's locker room.
"Hot Streak" status buff for multiple chained completions.
Rapid-fire ring toss bonus rounds!
Steam Leaderboard & Achievements.
Up to 8 Customizable teams.
Broadcast style spectator screen.
Featuring the voice talents of Xander Mobus.


Truant pixel, LLC



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Septiembre 26, 2017

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