Pararea(Pa空间) (PC)

Pararea is a brand-new VR social product, which has online communication, entertainment, social and other innovative virtual space services. Including:
- Immersive communication. The communication efficiency is better than most of ways through virtual avatar, voice and body language.
- Personal image and individual display. Support personal virtual image customization.
- Diverting online party. Create activities what you like, such as watching movie, TV, sports events, e-sports, live shows etc…
- Somatic games. There are many different absorbing mini games to play and share with friends like shooting game and Draw Something etc…
- Various of VR tools help you immersed in this virtual world,including VR browser, Video player, 3D Brush etc…You can always get a wealth of information and content, to share with friends in VR.

After all, we aim to provide you a virtual space experience as “being with each other through far apart”. Hope you all have fun in Pararea.