Headmaster (PC)

"The Stanley Parable/Portal of soccer VR games or something"

Wii Sports meets Portal as you escape from prison by... well, actually it's not a prison, it's The Football Improvement Centre. Maybe escape is too strong a word. You need to graduate. Yes, yes... graduate. Enjoy your stay!

- Single player story campaign with over 40 levels
- Local Party Mode with up to 6 player pass and play and high scoring
- Actual video game (5-7 hour campaign)
- Learn The Proper Heading Motion™ from Robert
- Head garbage bags and be a good helper
- Be a psychiatrist
- Head Explosive Balls
- Earn a visit to The Indoor Training Zone
- Meet Carl
- Don't actually meet Carl
- Beat The Keeper
- Literally Destroy The Keeper
- Attack A Giant Monkey
- Head Knife Balls.. carefully.
- Head Dart Balls... also carefully.
- Head Beach Balls without worry!
- Decorate your Football Improvement Centre Single Occupancy Residence
- Graduate and Return To Your Club
- I Can't Let You Leave


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