The Mighty Eye (Android)

The Mighty Eye
The Mighty Eye
The Mighty Eye is a 3d puzzle game tailor made for VR. Mark a certain number of same colored bricks to snatch them and use them to build your tower. Just be careful not to look at a brick of a different color or you'll have to start over.

As your tower grows in height, you get a different perspective of the world around you. All the bricks, near and far, are yours for the taking. And as you rack up points, coins appear for you to collect.

There are two more modes with slightly different rules:

WALL OF TEXT is a front facing puzzle mode that pressures you with ever advancing letter shaped bricks. Eliminate them before they can push you off the platform.

THE DESCENT is another 360 puzzle mode in which you race the other eye to the bottom of an endless pit. You have to snatch the brick sides of rotating dice to lower the platform you're on, while your rival runs down a flight of winding stairs.