Rollercoaster Xperience (PC)

Enter a new world where the music will join you in incredible fallings that will test your stomach... a new dimension of the experiences full of secrets and characters that will shoot up your adrenaline and make that you wish to enjoy this wonderful travel again and again... Be brave! Live the xperience!

In Rollercoaster Xperience you are going to live a travel simulating a rollercoaster across an ancient world, that is being made to provide the best sensations possible using the power of virtual reality. During this travel you will feel like in a real rollercoaster that shows you ancient creatures and incredible environments. Rollercoaster Xperience has benn developed using Unreal Engine to provide the best quality graphics possible using Virtual Reality. Also it has been through a lot of user-testing to avoid motion sickness an provide the best experience.

Important: Rollercoaster Xperience can make people fall down because of the real physics simulation that makes you been like in a real rollercoaster. In order to have the best gameplay experience is better to play the game standing up. In case that you are playing alone and you are afraid that you can fall, play seated on a chair.
To avoid motion sickness Rollercoaster Xperience will not force you by making camera turns, so the player camera will turn only when the user turns.

Realistic physics simulation of a rollercoaster
High immersion
Breathtaking travel along incredible landscapes
Optimized gameplay to avoid sickness in Virtual Reality
Perfect for introduce friends in Virtual Reality
Help us to break the limits of this world using virtual reality. We will continue developing more scenarios and breathtaking games to provide the best experiences possible.


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