Chroma Lab (PC)

A colorful fluid simulation toy in VR.

Chroma Lab is based around a high performance, custom particle physics engine that utilises the vast computing power of modern GPUs to calculate billions of individual forces per second between the particles, necessary for them to interact with each other and behave like a fluid.

There is a variety of tools to interact with the particles as well as a well featured options menu that allows you to customise the visuals, physics and save/load scenes.

Key featuresBeautiful, psychedelic visuals
Particles react to background music (any external music player is compatible, may not work with Bluetooth headphones)
Tools to pick up, hit, pull, explode, shoot and paint the particles
Placeable force spheres which can also teleport the particles between one another
Save and load the particles and settings, included are a few presets to get started with
Adjustable physics settings to change how the particles behave
Multiple different particle shaders, color pallets and other graphics settings to choose from
Throw blobs into orbit and create black holes
Optional gravity and "lava lamp" modes
Freeze the simulation or slow time to a crawl
Great as first experience for people new to VR - intuitive controls and presets can be chosen outside of VR
MixCast support for easy, high quality mixed reality
Native Oculus SDK support for Rift and Touch users
Number of particles can be automatically determined based on computer speed or manually adjusted
Scale and bounding walls can be adjusted allowing Chroma Lab to be played from sitting to room scaleBeta tester quotes after playing Chroma Lab"okay - gorgeous, just gorgeous! love how well it performs :)"
"I really need to sleep now, even if my dreams will not offer me the delight just spent in Chroma Lab."
"it is absolutely fantastic and probably one of the most beautiful experience I have had in VR so far"
"Wow. WOW I think I'm in love."
"Ok, holy **** man. Congratulations, you've made the trippiest game I've ever played"
"Wow. Just... Wow... I might have just found my new favourite thing in VR"
"Well, I went in expecting to just have a quick go before bed. An hour disappeared. That was mesmerizing! Beautifully smooth and so many options!"
"Holy **** man this is awesome!! I played for like an hour straight!!"
"congrats on creating a very compelling and polished piece of software!"


Sean Tann


Sean Tann


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