OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] (PC)

Come and meet a bunch of quirky robots who ended up working in a dreary office instead of following their dreams. Dance with them, hear their stories, find out what led them to end up there, complete quests, or just trash the place. Make sure you escape to follow your dreams because you don't want to get stuck there too.

OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] is a byte sized adventure game experience which can be played quickly in less than 30 minutes, or explored and enjoyed for longer. There are several optional quests and different ways to escape. It offers a different experience from most virtual reality games currently available due to its focus on characters, environmental story-telling, and creating opportunities for emergent narrative. Key Features! Optional quests and different ways to escape the office so that you can follow your dreams.
Immerse yourself in the robots’ heartfelt stories about how they ended up in the Office.
Help others by completing quests.
Play a VR-only game fully designed for virtual reality and HTC Vive.
Adorable characters & art aesthetic.
Dancing Robots. Yup, that’s right!
The ability to throw stuff around and trash the place.
Enjoy a comfortable VR experience made by a developer sensitive to motion sickness.
You're not just buying a game. You're supporting an independent developer who wants to make different games with a whole lot of heart and soul.





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