Saga of the Void : Admirals (PC)

Saga of the Void : Admirals
Saga of the Void : Admirals
Saga of the Void: Admirals is a full multiplayer rts designed from the ground up for vr with a multitude of stand out features:

-Scale yourself over 400,000 times life size and command your fleets from above or scale right down to life size and watch towering ships duel around you.

-Enjoy full cross platform multiplayer allowing you to play against and with players all around the globe in multiplayer matches!

_ Take Advantage of absolute bot support allowing Co-op matches and a full campaign ladder of increasingly challenging missions!

- Use any of 12 ships in full 50+ ship battles against upto 5 players and bots at a time!


Ciaran Rowles


RowlesCorp Studios



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Agosto 17, 2017

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