ChainMan (PC)

About ChainMan
This game is "VR · stealth horror action" of the first person view.You must hide and survive from the imminent zombies in the dark.

When you awoke, there was an island of death full of zombies.
Somehow you are handcuffed in your arms and you can hear a weird groan from the surrounding darkness.
Based on the messages left by other survivors, you have to explore this zombie-ridden island and escape.

This game has no means of attack at all.
What you can do is to escape, hide, and distract your enemies.
Each enemy is moving with view and hearing range.
Let's predict the movement and pull the hands of the enemy by means according to the situation.

It will depend on the skill of the player, but it will take 2-3 hours to see the normal ending.
Of course it will take more time if the player is not very good. I think it will take more time to see the good end

The local multiplayer mode will be added in the future as well.