Gubbie Arena (Android)

Gubbie Arena
Gubbie Arena
What things can you do within 2 minutes? An intense, and epic battle? A soul-stirring showdown? A campaign that tests your intelligence and reaction? A pet fight right in front of your eyes? A strategic game in which all you need to do is swing your hands? A VR game that gets full support of the new controller? Come to Gubbie Arena! You will have them all!
A shooting star with strange energy fell on a green planet, bringing life to a new kind of creature [Gubbies]. The devastating invasive species almost destroyed all of the original inhabitants on the small planet. Facing the danger of imminent extinction, Surviving creatures worked together and managed to tame some of the Gubbies from their hatchlings. As their master, your mission is to train them in the Arena while they fight with other kinds of Gubbies. Polish their fighting skills, watch them learn, and finally fight along their side to bring down evil Gubbies still at large.


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