Comet360VR (Android)

Mobile VR. No Crashes. No Disconnects. Great 360-VR quality for Mobile VR. Less data usage. Unlimited live channels. Unlimited video-on-demand channels. Uninterrupted experience, even in low/ fluctuating bandwidths. Unique multilevel encoding -variable bit rate to prevent crashes and disconnects. We monitor your head movement, so only the highest quality video is within your view. Perfect for live sports, concerts, events, and guided tours. For streams using comet360VR platform.

Our unique, patent-pending technology isolates the Area of Interest (AOI) of the panoramic image. We disassemble this AOI and send it along to you in top quality. We send everything else separately. We monitor the actual bandwidth in near instantaneous real time and adjust the stream to avoid buffering and disconnects. Our algorithms decode the stream to ensure a pleasurable experience when you change your viewing location within the headset. We give sustainable quality in 3G/LTE and typical WIFI.


Comet Technologies