Exit VR (PC)

Exit VR is a game about SCP-087 staircase.

SCP-087 is located on the territory of the research institute.
The door leading to SCP-087 is made of hardened steel and is equipped with an electric lock.
According to available information, the depth of the staircase exceeds theoretically
possible depth of both the building itself and the geological formations around.
At this time, it is not known whether SCP-087 ends anywhere.

Game features:
A depressing atmosphere of despair.

High-quality sound effects that allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere
of one of the most secretive places, the location of which no one knows.

Creatures wandering the stairs of the institute will appear in your nightmares.
Exit VR. There is no way out.





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Agosto 7, 2017

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