AliveInVR (PC)

Control Ableton Live from VR
Ever wanted to use a giant Push or Launchpad from within VR?
AliveInVR controls Ableton Live allowing you to trigger clips, play instruments and mix with a giant 3D Controllerist interface in VR.FeaturesPerform your favourite Live sessions and lose yourself in the music from VR.
Session mode - clip triggering and clip colors (reflected from your Ableton Session).
Note mode - play drum racks or instruments.
Mixer mode - control track levels, send and return.
Stream video of your performance to the desktop with in-game camera for screen recording and sharing online.
Choose daytime, sunset or night environments.
Clips pulsate in sync with the music.
Re-Arrange triggers around yourself in 3D.

This product requires Ableton Live to function. It does not generate audio/music on its own but controls Ableton via MIDI.


AliveIn Technology Ltd



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Agosto 9, 2017

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