VR Dart Zone (PC)

There are not as many popular games in the world as darts. At home, in the boring evening, in the circle of friends, on Friday night with friends at the bar, while unconsciously stealing a prolonged break at work, probably every one of us could have spent those moments playing Dart.

If you get bored with the classic version of this game, please browse for its multimedia version- our newest project "VR Dart Zone" where well-known darts were transferred to virtual reality.. Challenge with your friends for the title of champion, compete with your computer, adapting the difficulty to your ambition and skills.

Once you've put your HTC Vive goggles on, our simulation will take you to the stylized American saloon bar. Excellent graphics and interesting room design will make you feel like you are in the Wild West.

There are special modes that allow you to match our game to your preferences. There are currently 3 modes available: 301, 501 and training mode. Which one will be the best for you?

"VR Dart Zone" is a great proposition for both the youngest and the older, who appreciate the fun and enjoy the state-of-the-art technology. Try our game and surprise your friends by showing them the new virtual dimension of Dart.