VR SHOOT AROUND - Realistic basketball simulator - (PC)

VR SHOOT AROUND is a "Virtual reality basketball shoot around" that will send you fantastic physical calculations, fantastic sounds and a fantastic rich court.
Do not worry if you are not good at shooting, because it has power assist and angle assist, anyone can hit a long shot like an NBA player!Game features
[ Realistic Rim-net motion ] - We use our own physical calculation program to reproduce the movement of the rimnet which is close to reality.
[ Power assist ] - You can throw the ball farther.
[ Angle assist ] - Corrects the direction of the thrown ball.
[ Rim height ] - You can change the height of the rim in three steps. (3.05m, 2.45m, 1.85m)
[ Court color painting ] - You can change each space in the court to your favorite color.
[ Movie screen ] - You can play selected videos from the local folder on the screen.




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