Uphill Skiing (PC)

Uphill Skiing is a historical recreation of a typical Finnish trip to school circa when your dad was young. Experience gently upwards rolling hills and nearly vertical mountains that Finland is famous for. Dodge wildlife such as squirrels, bears and alcoholic uncles. Eat delectable Finnish cuisine for a boost of Sisu and cardiovascular diseases.

Compete in a league way above yourself over the mastery of different inclines!

Define your own school trip for a character-building journey! Ideally repeat at 6 AM and 17 PM every day for best results.

Open all your windows and install several high-powered fans blowing in your face for maximum authenticity!

And remember to never give up, since you have it easy with your cars, telephones and shoes that you don't have to share with your siblings.

Finally, some boring health warnings:
Downhill parts of Uphill Skiing may cause motion sickness.
Uphill Skiing is physically demanding. Please know your limits.


Happy Hobgoblin


Happy Hobgoblin