Stack (PC)

This casual strategy game has two immersive games modes.
In the first game mode, "Height Challenge" you must use a steady hand to try and build a tower as high as possible before it eventually becomes unstable and falls over, you can use special cubes to help increase your chances of building higher.

In the second game mode, "Balance Challenge" you must balance falling blocks on a hand held platform. you must successfully stack the given amount of block to progress, you will gain score multipliers for a flawless performance. This game mode will require good hand to eye coordination and fast reactions as the game become progressively harder.key Features
Performance Tracker - This track your stats in the game. such as best scores

Movement Systems - "Grab to Move" or "Slide/Touch To Move"

Interactive Tutorial - Optional tutorial, these levels help you get to grips with the controls

Fun For All Ages - This simple strategy game has been designed for all ages with its colourful art style and simple controls

Great Performance - With scalable graphics this games is designed to run on any VR ready PC,


AeroLab Studios


AeroLab Studios