Althora (Android)

Enter the world of Althora, a mobile VR game set on a strange planet filled with breathtaking scenery, mysterious temples, and mesmerizing landscapes.

Through the eyes of a space pirate, you will embark upon an epic quest to find the long lost treasure of a mythical emperor who vanished ages ago. Over the course of five chapters you will find clues and solve puzzles that will help you get closer to that treasure.

Bask in the calm sounds and serene visual art of the surreal terrain of Althora. Explore ancient ruins and solve intriguing puzzles in the company of your witty and sarcastic droid ally.
Designed for Samsung Gear VR, this mobile game is a completely hands-free adventure – your line of sight determines your interactions. Utilizing the specific qualities of the VR technology, Althora provides a relaxing, meditative yet engaging and immersive experience with an amazing sense of depth to the world, keeping you spellbound to its environment in a simple and intuitive manner.


Eipix Entertainment