AlterVerse: Disruption (PC)

The AlterVerse is a vast, expansive universe containing an enormous variety of worlds, games, characters, scenarios and adventures.
Disruption is the first in a series of games set in the AlterVerse. Captain your own Disrupter ship and save it from imminent destruction in a timed quest. Raid other people's ships in Multi-player mode and defend your own booty! Engage in thrilling Dog fights and play Draft Ball with your friends! You'll have endless hours of fun pillaging, playing and questing. Meeting friendly (and not-so-friendly) aliens, killing zombies, trolling your'll never get bored in the AlterVerse.

Key Features:

Single-player and Multi-player modes with voice chat
VR Compatible - Supports HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Timed quests - Beat the clock and complete missions as quickly as you can!
Dynamic "Capture the Flag"-style raiding system
Customizable character and avatar
Full-fledged, responsive physics engine


Dog Star VR Studios