Visbit VR Demo (Android)

Visbit VR Demo is built to demonstrate the ultra high quality 360o VR video experience that is powered by Visbit streaming technology and available for Gear VR users.

Today, most high-resolution premium VR videos either appear blurry or require users download to watch, leading to low user engagement. But in this app, you can watch uncompromised quality 4K to 6K resolution 2D or 3D 360 VR videos through cloud streaming at the regular home WiFi. You can even watch them on the go with an LTE connection!

Visbit VR Demo features the top quality VR videos from its pilot partners and some content creation pioneers. In Visbit VR Demo, you will watch animated or live action cinematic VR trailers or immerse yourself into rara travel and adventure experiences worldwide. All of these VR experiences are presented to you in 4K to 6K resolution.

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Visbit Inc.


Visbit Inc.