Wrecked: Get Your Ship Together (PC)

What's that? A FREE Vive game?? That's right, it's time to dust off your headset, we've got something you should try.

Wrecked is all about making the most of your Vive's roomscale capabilities. Transform your living room into a vast alien planet and traverse it like never before. No teleportation no blink; just you, your spaceship, and the open road.

Map your chair into the playspace and transmogrify it into a badass hovership cockpit.

**Disclaimer** This game has a lot of VR motion, if you're prone to motion sickness, proceed with caution.

Use your hovership to alternate between driving and walking as you traverse the world.
- Travel on foot through the Starhopper, your beloved mothership.
- Drive your hovership to travel across the planet to find salvaged parts.
- Dock with scuttled ships and rummage about again on foot.

Hurtle across dazzling landscapes, investigate alien wreckages, get your ship together.

C'mon, it's free, why not?


Business Mouse Studios