Enigma Sphere :Enhanced Edition (PC)

Introducing the powered-up Enhanced Edition of Enigma Sphere. This Edition is loaded with new game modes and exciting gameplay experiences that will provide gamer satisfaction. Online multiplayer is available along with a world ranking function to allow you to aim to be the world's best.

■About This Game
The time is the near future. Mysterious android life forms have installed world-annihilating superweapons in inland South America. This is where our story begins. The mission you have been presented with involves commanding the androids that allied hackers have been able to control in order to sabotage the weapons from inside and prevent the activation of the world-annihilating superweapons. Time is limited, and the mysteries of the labyrinth must be solved. The success of the mission lies in the hands of the Superagents.

Enigma Sphere makes its long-awaited appearance on Steam. The previous Edition has been powered up to create a gaming experience that provides numerous hours of exciting gameplay.
In addition to the Story Mode, which allows you to enjoy a story immersed in the Enigma Sphere world, a new Challenge Mode allows you to compete with others for the best clear times and points, while the new Sphere Attack Mode has been added to allow players to compete for the most spheres destroyed in a set period of time. Exiting gameplay unfolds in the VR space. The numerous modes allow you to select from Normal, Hard, and even Hell! From Hard Mode on the spheres become harder to destroy, with enemies arriving to impede your progress as well as numerous new game mechanics that tempt you with challenges that make want to return to the game again and again. Steam achievements are also available. Points are shown in the world ranking, allowing you to enjoy Enigma Sphere with people from around the world. You can invite your friends to multiplayer mode and then use voice chat to discuss strategies for the stages, which may cause you to lose track of time as you fully enjoy yourself in the VR space.

■Story Mode
This is the basic mode of Enigma Sphere. Players become Superagents, tasked with the duty of destroying the android life forms' superweapon, which threatening to destroy the world. Solve the puzzles set up in the stages, find the numerous hidden spheres, and destroy them with weapons such as hammers in this action puzzle game with a VR escape room motif.
Experience the ultimate in fun with simultaneous two-player action that allows you to utilize real-time voice chat with friends to search the labyrinth and high-five when you've solved the puzzle together.

■Challenge Mode
This mode appears when you've cleared the story mode. The game mechanic in all of these stages involves collecting points and calculating your clear time to register your high score. Aim for a high score by creating a sphere destruction combo within the allotted time. You can compete with players around the world with your accumulated scores appearing on the world ranking.

■Achievements Supported
Steam achievements are unlocked along with the challenge mode. Solve the puzzles and take on the levels repeatedly to discover the hidden achievements.

■ Sphere Attack Mode
In this mode you obtain points by destroying as many of the numerous spheres placed in these dedicated stages as you can within the 3-minute time limit. Destroy the objects in your way and skillfully dodge the enemies' attacks while aiming at the spheres that appear in the opening and closing doors to collect points. Two players can simultaneously cooperate and compete to collect and compare points in this exciting mode.

■Varied Game Mechanics Challenge Players
The Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and Sphere Attack Mode all feature diverse game mechanics. Starting in Hard Mode, Armor Spheres that wear armor make their appearance! Accurate control of the hammer is required to properly aim for the weak spots in the armor. Not only that, but Laser Spheres join the madness to shoot killer lasers at players. To add to the challenge, the Sphere Attack Mode also has Guardians moving about, requiring the player to dodge them while destroying spheres. The stages will keep you working hard, having fun, and in a perpetual state of white-knuckled excitement.


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