Moonatees (PC)


Moonatees is the most realistic VR space manatee simulator*. You play as a freshly recruited, clumsy manatee in a zero gravity playground. You face mundane tasks and an incoming asteroid that you have to beat without opposable thumbs.

"Manatees in space is a hilarious concept" - Chris Avellone, Fallout 2 Game DesignerFeaturesWacky physicks - Unexpected and humorous situations!
Two-flippered grabbing - No opposable thumbs in the way!
Virtual Reality - Trick your brain into believing you are in the game!
Zero gravity - You are free to go in any direction like in an ocean!
The game will be made free some time after publishing. Before that you can support indie VR game development by buying the game. We will use the income to buy a round of refreshments and cover development costs in the aforementioned order. We are an indie team of students and graduates and this is our first published game with zero budget. In testing we have observed that it takes roughly 1,5 hours to explore the play area thoroughly for a player who hasn't played the game before. The project was started in Oulu Game Lab in January 2016. After Game Lab we moved to a basement with a leaky ceiling to publish it on Steam. What you are witnessing is the product of that.

Nausea warning: You can move freely in 3D space which can cause nausea. You can reduce it by avoiding strafing and adjusting the settings in the menu.

*As of writing others have not been made


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