Twisted Arrow (PC)

Twisted Arrow is a full-tilt, no-holds-barred VR-FPS that gives players an adrenaline-packed arcade style game play. Experience urban warfare as never before by immersing yourself in this frenzied fight for survival. THIS IS NOT A WAVE SHOOTER, but a FPS that lets you traverse through a vast city, up and down tall buildings, and position yourself in strategic areas to make the perfect head shot or try using an explosive arrow to launch NPC units 200ft in the air in a fiery ball of fatality!

Outmanned and outgunned, you are the last line of defense against a high-tech, paramilitary force occupying your city. But don’t feel sorry for yourself, feel sorry for the poor bastard that gets in your way! Armed with the Manticore, the military’s top secret combat bow, and an arsenal of over powered arrows, you will need to fight your way through an enemy armed with high-tech weaponry, armored mechs, attack drones, and a host of biological secrets yet to be uncovered in the remnants of a city on the brink of ruin. Your mission is simple: recon the city, rescue hostages, and get the hell out of dodge while eliminating any and all resistance with extreme prejudice. If it moves, kill it! If it doesn’t move, it’s probably already dead.

Movement: The game was build from the start for fast paced arcade action. Think of the classic arcade game Time Crisis. Its not about discovery or exploration but mayhem and destruction! Designed with predefined teleport areas, allowing you to quickly pick the right path through the city, focusing more on the action then worrying about movement. Yes, it uses teleport locomotion because you have a teleporter! So SHOOT SOMETHING ALREADY!

Ok it's time to Nock and Load and let it rain pain! Unleash maximum mayhem and take your pent-up, inner beast out for a joy ride. Don’t forget to stretch, because you’re going to feel this in the morning.

Your Arsenal:
Maxflight 3000 - The original Kinetic Killjoy. Your stalwart-spiked-sidekick and number one stunner; meet the Maxflight 3000. This lightweight steel-reinforced carbon arrow embeds itself in 3 inches of prestressed concrete and materials pushing 80,000 tensile PSI. Who needs a go-steady when you’ve got this ride-or-die by your side? See also: makes a great head ornament.
Hydra Arrow, MBG-5 - The MBG-5 is Five roaring heads of delicious destruction that rip through the skyline and snares enemy patrols. The Hydra comes paired with a honing mod that serves to seek and destroy scouts, snipers, and unsuspecting suckers. Pour some sugar on those RCS scrubs with split-arrow capability. (It’s the neighborly thing to do.)
Cryo-Shot, 1-O-9 - The Cryo shot (or Cry-shot. Because tears of joy for you, tears of salty goodness from thine enemies) This battle-worthy ballistic releases a cryogenic field on impact and freezes enemies dead in their tracks. Perfect for changing the tides of battle in your favor and for crowd-control, use this little beauty to deliver a devastating chill-pill to RCS troops while you take your time selecting the tool of their ultimate demise. Cryo-Shot: You want that on the rocks or neat? (Just kidding. Ain’t nothin’ “neat” about the Cry-shot…. Seriously. What a mess.)
Exploding Arrow, C-E-7-10 - Did someone call for ordnance? No? Well brace for impact anyway, because this is the show stopper. Packed with 2 terajoules of explosive power, this anti-tank warhead provides a concussive blast with a radius of 10 yards and puts a definitive end to any firefight where you find yourself outmanned or outgunned. Ideal for taking on drones, choppers, or kaiju-scale behemoths. You feel like dishing out a little Shock and Awe? How about a little “shock and awww yesss…”
Mine Arrow, T-E-480 - If Bouncing Betty had a little sister (bigger… meaner… spoiled by the misguided love and doting of your parents…) It might grow up to be the T-E-480. This big nasty ain’t your granddaddy’s claymore though, and it doesn’t eat it’s broccoli at dinner time. The T-E-480 helps you get the jump on enemy patrols before they have a chance to get the jump on you. Celebrate good times by embedding a T-E-480 on any surface area and watch as enemy forces pass into its detection field and get launched sky-high. The troops like to call this little number the Party Popper- because you don’t need an invitation to get into this party.
Nano Shield, AEG-15 - The Nano Shield gives “Compound Bow” a whole new meaning with this lockdown, portable fortress. Equipped with nano ward technology, the AEG-15 let’s you Nock and Load behind an impenetrable wall of BACK THE HELL UP!


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