Ze VR (PC)

Ze VR is a fast paced, exciting take on the classic and proven breakout concept. Shoot the balls at the targets, then deflect them using your shield or airborne pulses. Keep the balls in the play area for as long as possible to score more points. Teleport to another position to better aim your initial burst. There are bonuses, power-ups, gigantic cubes, monster balls and more!

Fast reflexes, precise aiming and strategic thinking will get you to the top of the leaderboard..Strategy TipsThink about your starting point. Some are better than others
When available, aim for the shooter bonus first and use it to get other bonuses
Try to get the balls behind the targets for maximum efficiency
Sometimes, sideways is better than straight on...Note to Oculus Touch users:Click and hold on the UI buttons to select them.


Acción Casual indie


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Funny Bit Games