Play with Balloon (PC)

"Why should VR games be single player only? Wouldn't you like to play with your friends?"

The HTC Vive has two controllers. So we thought why not make a new style of game that allows the player without the play as well

This game consist of 3 modes; Hit up , Hit up Vs Blow up and VolleyBalloon.

In 'Hit up' mode (single play), the player scores by bursting the balloon in the air with the racket.

In 'Hit up Vs Blow up' mode (battle), there is shooter and receiver.

The player with only the controller is the shooter and the player with the HMD is the reciever.

The shooter launches balloon continuously at the reciever who tries to burst the balloons before they touch the ground.
The shooter wins if the reciever runs out of life before the time limit expires. The receiver wins by surviving the round.

In 'VolleyBalloon' mode, Hit the balloon over the net similar the volleyball

This game was designed to be simple and intuitive which allowing gamers of all skill levels to play, even small children.
We plan to provide constant updates to the game as we progress in development including new modes and maps.

There is no end of ways to play with balloons.


Funystone Inc.


Funystone Inc.



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Marzo 24, 2017

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