TTORiNG Adventure: Moon's Tears (Android)

One day, the Minerva detective team receive a voucher to stay at a luxurious hotel.
After seeing the voucher, Ttoring and Toto pack their stuff and head to the hotel.
Excited to go on their holiday, they reach the hotel where suddenly a new case is waiting for them to solve.

“Minerva detectives, please protect the ‘Moon’s Tears’ from the phantom thief, Luna.”

The hotel owner, who is also a collector of gems asks for their help and shows them a note left by Luna.
Can you thwart Luna’s plan to steal the ‘Moon’s Tears’?

More dynamic puzzles
More micro-world experiences that will test your wits!
A storyline that is more concise and with double the tension!

Ttoring and Toto are waiting for you as the third member of the Minerva detective team.
How about we solve the second case?