EmbodyMe Beta (PC)

Make a real hologram of Princess Leia from Star Wars!

EmbodyMe is an application that lets you easily create a realistic avatar of yourself from a single photo of your face and communicate with people in various ways as if you were really talking to them in person.

You are not limited to using your own image.
With just one face photo, you can become any celebrity or friend, change your gender, and become whoever you want to be.

Your actual hand and body movement and facial expressions are recreated in real-time in the VR environment.
Your avatar appears as if you are actually there.

Not only can you interact with others just like in the real world by talking, shaking hands, and even punching each other, but you can do things that are impossible in reality like taking medicine that messes up your face, flying through the air with balloons, and getting shot by arrows.

You can also take souvenir photos of your experiences with the people you meet, and upload videos of your singing and dancing to Facebook and Twitter.


Paneo, Inc.


Paneo, Inc.


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