Mister Mart (PC)

Enter the world of Mister Mart!
YOU are a customer service agent at a terrible grocery store. Because it's such a godawful grocery store, all of the customers are returning everything they've ever bought! In VR, use your hands to place the unwanted merchandise carefully into the return bin, but watch out! The customers loiter at your desk and will stress you out if you let them stay for too long! Use your Customer Service Fists (TM) to help them find the exit!

This game involves:
Slapping Customers!
Raw Fish!
Hot Dogs!
Ragdoll Physics!
Mister Mart is played with the Oculus Rift CV1 AND the Leap Motion hand controller, with support for more VR systems and controllers on the way.


Studio217, LLC


Studio217, LLC



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Marzo 16, 2017

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