SceneThere (Android)

SceneThere lets you explore real virtual worlds. Navigate from point to point in a 360 film just by gazing at the blue hotspots.
SceneThere uses custom software to create interactive worlds and together with with 360 filmmakers we create unique VR-experiences that bridges films and games.

SceneThere believes that 360 films can be something more than linear storytelling. That's why we're the first application to introduce the "navigaze" pattern to films.

In our first release we introduce the following 6 worlds:

The Borderland: A Nordic festival in the spirit of Burning Man. Löyly: Visit Helsinki's most iconic sauna and restaurant by the sea.
Voices of the Favela: Step inside a Brazilian favela. Created for UN's Habitat 3 conference.
Malmö: A virtual tour in Sweden's southernmost urban area
SLUSH: Biggest startup conference in the Nordic
Helsinki: Get a birds eye view of Finland's beautiful capital and visit the most famous tourist-sites.


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