0110 Run (Android)

The end of days has arrived. The world has begun to crumble around you as an insatiable beast devours all you hold dear.

Now, it’s come for you.

0110 RUN is an addictive endless runner that challenges you to dash through, hurdle over, and even destroy obstacles in your way as you run for dear life. A single mistake - a miscued jump or a missed dash - and the creature will claim you.

Can you outlast the end of days?

A beautifully vivid, endless environment that keeps going for as long as you can survive it
An assortment of vital power-ups to give you an edge against the beast - from speed boosts to shields to attack upgrades, you’ll need all the help you can get!
An immersive, addictive experience that’ll make you want to play again and again


Lucid Sight, Inc.