Don't Mess Up (PC)

Don't Mess Up is a collection of VR minigames made to discover many styles, environments, and gameplay modes in a short amount of time solo or with your friends.

This game is an answer to the pain of demoing VR to people. Switching back and forth between games, explaining controls, managing timing... Don't Mess Up features super simple local multiplier for up to four players, competing in a playlist of wacky, fast paced action games. To keep things interesting, each game features multiple ways to mess up and loose the game, secret bonuses to win points creatively, and a dynamic camera system to keep players waiting interested.

Don't have friends? Don't worry! Every game is available in Solo mode, with an option to tailor the experience for livestreams and let's plays so that viewers focus on the action rather than on the tears of loneliness slowly dripping through the headset's nose-gap.

Currently, Don't Mess Up is still a work in progress. Grab the fully-featured demo to try it out, and stay tuned for the full game release!


Casual indie