VRoom (PC)

VRoom is the latest virtual reality production from ConductorVR.
It is a business virtual reality application made for the real estate industry.

Through HTC Vive, VRoom brings you to a soothing seaside villa with an amazingly expansive ocean view. You can walk into the virtual room within the villa where most objects inside are designed to be interactive. If you prefer, you could turn on the bathroom shower, light the gas stove in the kitchen, and even open the exclusive kid’s room door.

As an elite virtual reality content creator, ConductorVR’s VRoom projects provide the highest quality in virtual reality graphics and interactive functions. Moreover, even the application’s VR user interface has been extensively designed. Various types of furniture are moveable and several materials are waiting to be changed with one simple click.

With the cooperation of HTC Vive, ConductorVR continues to explore and create the ultimate VR experience in residential transformation and virtual life.


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