Magic Table Chess (Android)

Welcome to Magic Table Chess, Experiment 7’s first game in the Magic Table™ series. Join our community to experience the magic of chess in virtual reality. This download includes the core chess experience, multiple immersive environments, an original soundtrack and more.

*A Fresh Take on The Classic: Chess has been played for thousands of years, but never like this! Experience classic chess gameplay you know and love in a whole new way, through the magic of virtual reality.

*Multi-Tier AI: Play against battle-tested chess AI that scales from beginner to master. No matter your skill level, we have a Chess challenge perfect for you.

*Breathtaking VR Environments: Leave the stress of the real world behind as you step into a variety of beautiful settings.

*Multiplayer: Reunite with old chess rivals or forge new friendships via invite-a-friend multiplayer.

*Gear VR Controller: Take control of the board like never before with Gear VR controller-enabled devices.


Experiment 7


Experiment 7



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