Evil Robot Traffic Jam: Free Game Demo (Android)

12th International Mobile Gaming Awards Best VR Game nominee!

Try FREE game demo of Evil Robot Traffic Jam!

You know how you'll be driving around, minding your own business, then suddenly hit bad traffic with no obvious reason why? The answer is simple: Evil Robots! They love to create traffic jams all over the world.

Play as an agent of the Evil Robot Defense Force: place powerful defense towers, activate destructive special abilities, and disrupt the robots with hacker drones.


Wide variety of different enemies!
Epic Boss battles!
Powerful range of Defense Towers!
Stunning 3D graphics!
Intense HAVOC right in front of your eyes!

Player feedback:

“TD at its best. It´s a must have game for Gear VR”

If you like the demo you can unlock the full game with more maps, towers, enemies and special powers. For that please search and download Evil Robot Traffic Jam.

Try this game and put a stop to the traffic menace before the world reaches Total Gridlock!


Element Games